Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Four Tips in Buying Property in the Philippines

      Foods, places and people in the Philippines are just few from the many things that you can experience once you visit here. You would truly be enticed on these things and be hooked on experiencing these things over and over again because eating Filipino foods, visiting best places and meeting Filipinos are truly a very satisfying and enjoying thing to do. There are a lot of people who are now enjoying good things in the Philippines because they choose to live in this country. And if you are one of those who want to keep on enjoying good things in the Philippines better to ensure a house and lot here. But before you purchase a property in the Philippines there are some things that you need to bear in mind so that you will never regret investing here and you will enjoy your stay.

  1. Ensuring an authentic “Transfer Certificate of Title”. This is the very first thing that you should bear in mind when buying property in an individual or even in a company. You need to make sure that the certificate that you will have is authentic so that you will never have any problem. It is better to have your own copy of that certificate and you can obtain it in a specific office in the Philippines. All legal documents of the property that you will purchase should be authentic and you need to make sure that you have the copy of those things.
  2. Make sure that the seller is the real owner. Buying your own property is such a big achievement that is why you need to make sure that the seller that will sell your dream property is the real owner or if the real estate agent is the one who is selling the property still make sure that they have legal documents stating the real owner is selling the property.
  3. Inspect the property that you will purchase. Ensuring that the house and lot that you will buy are well built and there are no problems whenever you choose to move in is very necessary. And you can only make sure when you inspect the property on your own. It is advised that you are going to repeatedly inspect every corners of the place or hire home inspectors so that you are very much assured on the things that need to improve or repair in the place. That way while you are not yet moving in or paying the place, the seller still have the time to improve or repair things in the property.
  4. Know if the price is right. Every property investors need to have an assurance that they are going to have an investment that has a right price. You need to know the value of the property that you will buy and compare the price to other properties available in the place. That way you can make sure that the price available on the property that you will have is valuable.
Start living in the Philippines to experience not only the food, the beauty of the places, and meet people but also have the chance to know how enjoyable living in the Philippines is!


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  2. Before buying property, there are several things to consider and those information would really help and need to consider. Thanks for sharing!
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  3. Authentic and true copy of documents, make sure that the seller is the owner of the property, inspect what you are buying, and know if the price is right. Those are the most important things to consider in buying property. I just like to add, that a buyer must have a good agreement to the seller to avoid problems in the future. You can also check if the place and environment of the property is good and presentable.

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  4. When buying new property, it is important to look for properties backed by established developers and licensed real estate agents/ brokers..

  5. You are correct.For giving some tips before buying a property. Make sure you have a complete documents to own a property.

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  6. Agree with your writings. Most buyers are willing to see the living rooms, kitchen and the master bedroom and hardly some people would like to see the gardening areas.

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  9. Buying a property is one of the most important phase of your life specially if it's your first home. Meticulous inspections and research must be done as to avoid regrets which might be costly in the future. Other factors needed to be considered are neighborhood, security, smell and commute time. Davao Real Estate

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  11. In additional with these tips, when buying a condo in the Fort Bonifacio or around Manila, its important to read all the documents/contract before signing it. No one want to fall to an empty promises, right? If possible don't stick to a verbal conversation so make sure that everything is written. BTW, great tips! These are very helpful.

  12. I agree with what you're saying Diana Jane. It's always safe to read the contents of the contract first before signing the written document. This is because once you've already signed the papers, there is no way that you can reverse what is written there. I love your comment. hehehe. By the author, these tips are very helpful. I'm an OFW and is planning to buy a real estate Philippines.

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  14. These tips are really helpful for like me who's interested to buy a condominium in the Philippines. I'm actually looking for a condo near Greenhills because I like that place. Do you have any suggestion?